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6 Elevated Beach House Plans For Your Summer Getaway

6 Elevated Beach House Plans For Your Summer Getaway



Thinking about building a house at the beach or, as they say in New Jersey, down the shore? Living next to the ocean is great! You have the sun, sand, and surf at your fingertips 24/7. But, there are a few other, not-as-fun things to consider when building so close to water. For the sake of the safety and integrity of your home, you must plan for flooding, high winds, and erosion in these situations.

So what’s the solution? An elevated beach house.

Once you've found that perfect spot with the ocean view of your dreams, you will now need to find a home plan that works best for you. That's where we come in. We've got a great selection of beach house plans for you to find the perfect one.


4 Things To Consider Before Building Your Beach House


Before you start building an elevated beach house, be sure to go over these four things (at minimum) with your construction team.


Zoning Laws

In some towns, elevating your home may be a requirement, not simply a smart option.  There are also typically special requirements because you’re building so close to the ocean. If you purchase property in an AEC zone (Areas of Environmental Concern), then you’ll need a special permit through CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act).

This permit will give you information about how large your house can be, how close to the water you are allowed to build, and more. This process typically should be at least started before you close on the property (so you know what you’re getting into), but even if you do wait, it takes weeks.  So, be sure to check with your local building department before starting your beach house build and to have a little bit of patience.



Flooding is a huge consideration when you are living near the beach. Before you start building, discuss your home’s unique risk of flooding with your contractor and local government officials. A great place to start is by looking up your new address on the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood map.

Something to think about, even if your home is elevated, is whether or not that might negate your need for flood insurance in your home. This is because a typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damage from floods, nor will certain companies even offer insurance due to your home’s FEMA classification. Having this information about your ocean lot before you begin construction is essential, as it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs (as well as plenty of headaches) down the road.



Erosion is caused when rising sea levels in the local area, strong waves (through both hurricanes and smaller storms), and flooding wear down the rocks, soil, and sand along the coast. This can cause a “receding coastline” and can place homes built too close to the water in danger, even if they didn’t start out that way.  It’s worth investigating erosion areas in your area before building.


Building Materials

When you build a house so close to the ocean, you have to put a little bit of extra thought into your selection of materials. They need to be a little bit more durable than what you might pick for an inland home because they are going to be exposed to more elements. Ocean-front homes are often subjected to things like higher winds and corrosive salt water.

To avoid your home’s materials breaking down, consider options that are stronger like concrete, fiberglass, and metal. For wood, you’ll need to pick durable options like cedar. If you have a more delicate style in mind, don’t worry. Although the outside of your home needs to be tough, you can decorate the interior as classically as you would like.


6 Popular Elevated Beach House Plans


Once you’ve made the pre-construction considerations, it’s time to pick the perfect elevated beach house plan for your needs. These are just a few of our favorites.


1. Three Bedroom with Views


This beautiful beach-front home has over 1,600 square feet of space with three bedrooms and two baths, making it perfect as a primary residence, or as a getaway for entertaining family and friends. The home has two generous porches, which ensure that you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset with a cold drink in your hands each and every day. There’s even room for a hot tub or outdoor cocktail bar.

Because this home’s master suite is on a separate floor from the rest of the living spaces, you could enjoy plenty of privacy when you need a moment away. The home has plenty of storage space, as each bedroom has its own closet as well as a laundry room, so you’ll never have to lug sandy towels down to the laundromat while on vacation.


2. Hawaiian Get Away


Can’t wait for Hawaii? Bring Hawaii to you! No matter where you build this fabulous 1,267 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bath beachfront beauty, you are sure to be feeling the Aloha spirit. Once you head up the main entry stairs, you enter a large front lanai, the perfect outdoor space for reading a book, having a drink, or simply watching the waves. Off the lanai is the home’s vaulted living-dining space–the perfect size for entertaining guests or hosting a delicious meal for your family.

This elevated beach house plan also comes with an optional deck just off the kitchen if you would like more outdoor space…which if you’re this close to the beach, the answer should definitely be yes.


3. Two-Story with Plenty of Storage


This gorgeous beach house is perfect for families or large groups of friends. It even has the potential to be used as a vacation rental property. It has four bedrooms as well as four full bathrooms (2 on the main level and 2 on the second level), so each and every guest has plenty of personal space to relax and unwind during their dream beach vacation. There’s also plenty of storage for beach toys (and winter clothes if you live here year round), as well as a specialized computer nook if you work from home and need to take a quick meeting.

There is a large front porch, back deck, as well a utility room on the ground level as a storage option for large things, like surfboards and golf carts.


4. Modern Beach House with Lots of Windows


If you prefer a more modern style of architecture, then this beautiful elevated plan with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms is perfect for you. Its large, floor-to-ceiling windows frame the ocean just like a personal painting. From the generous foyer, you move into a large family entertainment room which also boasts plenty of windows and opportunities for natural light. If the temperature drops when the sun goes down, you don’t need to worry. You’ll never be cold, as this home comes with a fireplace, as well as an eating bar in the kitchen to enjoy any late-night snacks. Three bedrooms (including a suite) and a large laundry room complete the main level of this 2,490 square foot home.

The second level boasts a private suite and huge office as well as decks to enjoy a little escape from everyone. Finally, the home’s balconies have sliding glass doors, making it the perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment space.


5. Coastal Style Cottage with Breakfast Nook


If you aren’t so sure about the look of an elevated beach house plan on stilts, this coastal cottage might be perfect for you, as it rests on columns instead. The home has four bedrooms and four full bathrooms, so it’s perfect for a family summer home, or for a friend group to have a great getaway.

While most beach homes have a combined living/dining space, this home’s generous square footage of 2,845 allows for a separate formal dining room in addition to an informal breakfast bar attached to the kitchen. Two bedrooms, a laundry room as well as sliders to the back porch complete the main level. The second story has the other two bedrooms and an open sitting area that can be converted into a fifth bedroom if the space is needed.


6. Beachfront with Rooftop Deck


This fabulous home has one of our favorite beach house amenities – the rooftop deck! With sweeping views of the ocean, the rooftop deck of this home is also a great place to entertain, especially with the optional outdoor bar. The home is an excellent 2,118 square feet and has three bedrooms, as well as four full bathrooms for you to enjoy.

In addition to a generous rooftop deck for enjoying the ocean views, the home has front and side porches and a back deck. The owner’s suite is on the main level along with an additional bedroom, dining, and living space as well as the kitchen with sliders to the rear deck. The second level offers the third bedroom, a loft area for relaxing, and 2 additional full baths.

One final recommendation should you decide to build one of these elevated beach house plans – don’t forget the outdoor shower! Wash all that sand off before you bring it into your beautiful home and help clear up an indoor shower – although don’t be surprised when there is a line for the outdoor shower, it’s usually everyone’s favorite place to wash off!


If you have any questions about our elevated beach house plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have thousands of customizable plans available, and our customer service team can help answer any questions you may have.




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