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Window Wells: Smart Home Design

Window wells are one of those things that a lot of people don't really think about during the design phase of a home plan. I personally don't like having deep window wells right next to the front porch, they aren't usually pretty and they are a hazard for visiting kids. When laying out the basement I try to place the window wells away from the porch and if possible none on the front of the home at all. This allows you to build up the grade around the front porch and have unobstructed flower beds. This doesn't always work as easily as I might make it sound, but if you can lay out the floor plan so that the window wells are on the sides of the home (the sideyard is generally least commonly used) it works out great.


The other thing to consider is upgrading to a concrete window well. they are much nicer than the corrugated steel or a wood framed window well. They also hold up a lot better under the pressure of backfilling around the home and last longer.


Just my .02

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