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Why should you buy a stock Homeplan?

First, you may be wondering what a stock home plan is. Designers and architects across the country are always actively involved in custom designing residences for all types of people. Many architects or designers however, spend a great deal of time creating their own designs; these are called stock home plans. It is advantageous to buy a stock home plan for several reasons.

First, home design professionals are involved with the process every day. They know the ins and outs of home design and strive to design plans that are functional, with effective use of space without compromising the curb appeal.
Many times designers will offer a popular floor plan with several different facades. This allows you to find a great floor plan and still choose an architectural style like country or traditional. You may spend a lot of money having a design professional draw and redraw your plan to see what it would look like as a different style.

Stock home plans are also a lot less expensive than having your home custom designed. A stock home plan is already completed and can be copied and shipped right away. Having your home custom designed may take weeks or even months to complete. This will not only delay the construction of your home but will end up costing you significantly more. Custom designed plans may cost you two, three, or even ten times more than a stock home plan.

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