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Vacation House Plans

Vacation house plans

Vacation Home Plans

Click on the Image to view this floor plan. There are several categories on our site that describe certain types of homes that aren't necessarily architectural styles but deserve to be set apart in a category of their own. Some of these include, cabins, vacation homes, Feng Shui designed homes and as we will explain as you read further, transitional homes. Transitional homes are sometimes described as the empty nester plans. The plans that we have in this category are house plans that have been popular for couples that have raised their children and are now living alone (well, together-but without kids). These types of plans often have less bedrooms and larger spaces, spoiling the parents for their hard work raising children, or providing the retiree plenty of room for his/her hobbies. Browse through our transitional category and you'll find plans of all types of styles. And don't worry, if you're young and fall in love with one of these plans it doesn't mean you're getting old.

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