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Top 8 Questions Asked by Our Visitors

We get plenty of emails and calls from visitors.  To make your visit to our site as effective and enjoyable as possible, we have listed the top eight questions asked below – along with the answers!


1. I am new to house plans.  Where do I start?

The best place to start is our Help Center. You can find a link to it right above the navigation bar on our desktop or under the menu in mobile. 

Find the Help Center on our Home Page at the Top Right Corner


From our Help Center, you will find a list of our most common questions along with answers and resources to assist you with your house plan search.

Help Center Page - Find House Plans at The Plan Collection


For more information about home plans, design and building, visit our blog section


2. Can I buy these plans and get them built as is?

The plans marketed on The Plan Collection are a collaboration of plans from many leading architects and designers. All plans are drawn to code for the specific region in which the respective designer resides and the year the design was created. Modifications may be required by your local officials to meet their adopted codes and regulations. The necessity of such modifications is not evidence of poor plan quality but merely code differences. Many of our designers are members of the American Institute of Building Design to assure plan quality (The AIBD is an accredited Home designers association accepting only designer who meet their high standards of plan quality).

HVAC and plumbing are not included because of the huge variation of local codes and systems available to the customer.  Qualified HVAC contractors, plumbers and electricians know the local codes and can easily add this information to the working drawings we provide.


3. Can I to talk the designer about some modifications?

The Plan Collection, like the other major sites, markets the plans for the nation’s top designers and architects.  They rely upon us to invest heavily in promoting their plans and providing customer service.  As a result we do not have the plans at this location to give you an immediate quote.  This is why we set up a quick and easy system to get you a free quote.

How to submit a request to Modify a Home Plan

On each plan page, look below the plan photo or rendering.  Please click the box “Modify This Plan”.  It will take you to an online form to let the designer know what you want.  Normally, within a day we will get their quote back to you.


4. Can my changes be made?

Normally, many changes can be made.  Just submit your changes using the “Modify This Plan” feature on each plan detail page.  The ones that may not be done are shrinking the house too much to meet budget constraints.  While the length or depth of a house can be changed, code requires doorways, hallways and stairways maintain a minimum width. 


5. How can I get a cost estimate to build a house?

Most designers do not offer materials list because builder and lumberyards always prefer to look at the prints themselves.  Others offer materials list; but only with the purchase of the prints.

This is why we have two special features to help you out.

The first is a free costs estimate that gives general costs by region.  These numbers are a general ball park estimate based on average costs per heated square feet.  The second feature is a cost to build report that is more accurate.  The $29.95 fee is refunded if you buy a plan from The Plan Collection.  Both features are available on each plan detail page.

How much does this home plan cost to build?


6. How can I print the plan details to look at them later?

This can be done in two easy steps.

The first step is clicking the “Print Plan Page” feature on the plan detail page.

How can I print this house plan page?


This will bring up a plan details page that is specially formatted for printing. If you are a PC user, right click the button on your mouse to print the page.

Print version of the house plan details page


7. What comes in a plan package?

We show examples in our FAQ section. Please click here to see.

We also explain the differences between each package above the pricing section of our plan detail pages.

Plan Package and Pricing Help


8. How long before I get my order?


It normally takes 1-2 business days for our designers to get your order out their doors.  The rest depends upon the shipping service that is available for your selection.  Emailed electronic options take one to two business days from your order.  Free ground shipping is another 5-7 business days after the designer gets your order out the door.  Priority express is 2-3 business after the designer ships your order for an additional $35.  Overnight is one business day after the designer ships your plan out the door typically for an additional $55.00. For orders outside of the continental United States please call us for those fees and shipping times.



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