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The Latest Home Design and House Plans Trends

For the most part, home buying markets have recovered nicely, as markets in 52 out of the approximately 350 metro areas nationwide returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity. (Source: The National Association of Home Builders - NAHB).

The NAHB’s index’s nationwide score of .86 shows that based on current permits, prices and employment data, the nationwide market is running at 86 percent of normal economic and housing activity. The association also noted that the aging American population is actually creating some unique opportunities for the housing industry. Economists are expecting residential investments to bolster economic growth.

More and more consumers are searching to purchase house plans online. Ironically, the search alone is revealing the home design trends for 2014. The Plan Collection reports that the recovering economy, aging baby boomers and evolving lifestyle needs are driving trends in residential architecture for smartly designed homes with open floor plans, flex space, gourmet kitchens and outdoor living areas.

Plus there are many floor plans that are ever-changing to accommodate the American consumer’s transitioning lifestyles -  they are also economically conscientious, but highly design conscious, therefore  online house plans from the vast selection of homes available at The Plan Collection that are satusfying all their demands.

Thanks to the last five years of economic distress, and due to the aging baby boomer generation, many Americans are consolidating multiple family members into one larger home with flex spaces with open floor plans. Homes designed with sliding doors and open floor plans or movable partitions for flexible living arrangements are very popular. Flex spaces can be transformed to accommodate children and elderly family members alike, or even the returning college students. Many homeowners are using this space as either a home office hobby or an exercise room. This enables a home owner to make a longer-term investment and live in their home throughout their entire life’s stages.

The recent Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) report talks about the most popular exterior wall material -- vinyl siding -- used on 32 percent of the new homes that were started in 2012, while brick was used on 25 percent of homes, then stucco, at around 20 percent of the homes started. In fact, in response to the earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes which have left devastated communities nationwide materials that are more resistant to damage as well as stormproof architecture are on the rise.

What’s more, consumers are really interested in the new open areas with a kitchen and main living area laid out as an open floor plan One example is this large, modern open kitchen design (House Plan 161-1042) which features lots of cabinets for storage, high ceilings with decorative, low-hanging light fixtures, and a large kitchen island and a relaxed dining area. Textured finished such as wood grain, topped off with brushed chrome appliances are what people are looking for today.

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