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Take care of your concrete

Dear Homeowner:

Most builders educate their homeowners about concrete.  As a builder I can testify that concrete is always a warranty worry.  Concrete is very strong and durable, but certainly has limitations. There are so many problems that can occur with concrete.  It is a very large expense of any home and should be taken care of.

Here are a few tips that will prolong the life of your driveway and sidewalks.   Never use salt, fertilizers or de-icing chemicals, they will speed up the freeze thaw cycle and will cause permanent damage.  Salt and fertilizers actually chemically attack the concrete surfaces.  One thing I have noticed is many cities use salt on icy roads.  Salt doesn’t hurt asphalt but the salt gets on your car and when you park on your driveway the snow and salt melt off your car and ends up on the driveway.  In the winter months, it is important that you park your car in the garage.  I would also recommend that you use a sealer once a year to help protect your driveway. You can use sand or kitty litter on ice when necessary.  These materials will provide traction to prevent slipping while avoiding damaging your concrete and voiding your warranty.

Happy home plan searching.


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