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Spending too much time in home improvement stores

Because we are currently remodeling, I have spent a lot of time in home improvement stores searching for products and price checking.  I am surprised by the limited selection these massive stores have. These stores are gigantic but still don't have much selection.  They also don't cater to the contractors like the smaller lumberyards do.  My theory about why they don't have much selection is because they cater to the homeowner who is fixing or remodeling their older home.  Honestly, there is not much selection on common items like baseboards and trim.  The selection consists of the same designs that my parents put in their home 25 years ago.  I guess people still buy it by the truck loads because when they remodel, they want to match the older moldings with the new. 

You can always special order anything from these mega stores, but why not just search the web and save money.  I can see why our doorknob site, www.directdoorhardware.com is doing so well.  The prices and selections are better on the net and you don't have to waste your entire day walking the isles in search of a part time employee who knows very little about the products. 

I am on a personal quest to find the best pricing and service on home building products.  If any of you have found good sources let me know.


Happy home plan hunting


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