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6 Easy Ways to Green Your Home

The Plan Collection featuring GreenandSave.com

Green Design is a popular buzz word and a money saving tactic. Many great steps are being taken in the architectural world to green up our actions and decision making. This is an important step in saving our planet and greening up our wallets at the same time. However, the residential world is slow to take on the green movement. While many home products are designed with the ecosystem in mind, the vast majority of new and existing homes are not optimized to green standards.

So how do you get a green home? Are the plans different? Do they look different than any other home? We want to show you how any home can be eco-efficient with a few simple steps. Going green is easier than you’ve ever imagined!

The boys and girls at GreenandSave.com have stepped up to help us. Not only do they provide in depth descriptions of how to green up your home operation, but they've put together a Return On Investment calculator to help you understand the bottom line. Make sure you check them out and save some money. In the mean time, enjoy this video segment featuring Charlie Szoradi and Mark McGraw, two of the founding members of GreenandSave.com, as they tell you six simple ways to update your home and save some green.

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