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Passive Solar Home Design -- Beauty and Benefits!

With today's energy needs and financial recession, we at The Plan Collection find more and more people asking about our Passive Solar Home Plans. It seems that both builders and homeowners are getting more and more enthusiastic about the benefits that come from Passive Solar design.

With this recent surge in popularity, people often ask us if there are any particular Passive Solar House Plans that we recommend. The answer is "Yes!"

Most of our best-selling Passive Solar House Plans have all been created by the same architect. You can Click Here to see his entire collection, or you can browse through our website and find them yourself. However, you might want to look at CKD688 first. This has been one of our most popular Passive Solar House Plans -- and for good reason!

The interior layout is uniquely angled to provide a smooth flow from room to room, but the roof is square, allowing for simple and less-expensive construction. The distinctive dormer with its clerestory window is a wonderful way to provide wholesome sunlight into the living and dining rooms. The living and dining area is very open, especially with its cathedral ceiling and optional den.

Everything about this house plan just "flows," but don't forget about the amazing energy-saving benefits provided herein. You really should Check it Out!

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