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Multiple Domain Names Pointing to One Domain

Like many internet businesses ThePlanCollection.com has purchased several domain names that are similar to our main domain name. These include the .net and .org version of our name. This is a good business practice as it helps you protect your company name.

The problem with doing this is that Google can start to think you have schizophrenia. If your .net and .org names point to your website they will obviously serve up the same content as the .com. The problem is that Google doesn’t know that you are just trying to protect your name. Instead it thinks that you are duplicating content.

Because we are using IIS we were able to solve this problem by creating an empty website whose sole purpose is to redirect all domains that are not ThePlanCollection.com to ThePlanCollection.com using a 301 redirect.

I won’t go into detail about how to do it because there are a lot of website that can show you how. Here’s the instructions I used to get it to work.

domain names


301 redirect

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