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Mountain Home Plans – Stylish Ingenuity


Mountain Home Plans, like almost any other style of architecture, were developed foremost for function. While settling fertile mountain valleys overlooked by the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, people needed homes that could withstand the long harsh winters. The result of the settlers' ingenuity is known today as Mountain style home design.

Mountain house plans are a hybrid of several stylish and functional types of home design. They often combine the rough-cut quality of Craftsman House Plans with the rustic appeal found in Log Cabins. Mountain houseplans also borrow design principles from Swiss chalets in order to provide you with a stylish home that was made to adapt.

Mountain House Plans R3102b

This is R3102b. It is a perfect example of Mountain Style Home Design. This inviting house plan uses quality stonework and rustic wood siding and beams to make it feel like it is part of the environment. R3102b also offers everything you could expect from a Luxury Home Plan. Large covered decks and porches blend seamlessly with features like an exercise room and spa area. It even offers a secondary kitchen and a home theater. You really ought to Check It Out!

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