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Luxury House Plans' Newest

One of our most decorated luxury home designers has just released a new plan. Their work ranges from house plans like the Pontarion II, the Chateau Novella, and the Caserta. Designing luxury house plans requires a honed sense of style, a heightened sense of taste, and an acute attention to detail. Their dedication to the pursuit of these qualities has led them to create the Cheverny.

In an elegant display of classic architecture, house plan Cheverny is a graceful environment. The stone exterior, arched windows and entry, steeply hipped roof, and gothic spires speak of a chivalrous age long ago. Though nostalgic, these house plans offer the best accommodations for modern amenities and, with the help of a green savvy designer or builder can be a sophisticated compliment to the environment.

Take a closer look at our luxury home plans feature, the Cheverny. To see our entire luxury house plans collection click here. We love to hear your feedback. What do you think about these large estates? Please direct your comments and questions to our forum by following the link below.

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