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Luxurious Craftsman on the Beach

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DDI103-206, one of our best Craftsman house plans, is truly something to behold. After just one look, you can see that a lot of time and effort was involved in designing this charming set of house plans. This home designer was able to incorporate so many unique and exciting features, and at the same time, avoided the pitfalls that are often associated with luxury home design.

Oftentimes, a luxury home will offer every amenity, but it just feels forced or rushed - like the designer was trying too hard and included features that just don't fit. Although they are designed specifically for comfort, luxury plans often lack that indefinable quality that makes a house a home. This is where DDI103-206 breaks away from the mold.

This luxurious home plan offers many large windows (perfectly located) to fill each room with wholesome sunlight. The windows, along with numerous decks, porches, and patios, make sure that fresh air and nature are right at your fingertips. This also serves to give the entire home a sense of spaciousness. Just take a moment to look at the master bedroom. Here you have his/her walk-in closets, a large master bath with dual sinks and a large corner tub, a private deck, a fireplace and a personal study. This entire home is full of little comforts and big character. You should check it out!

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