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How much can you tell about a designer by the vehicle he drives?

After reading my post about the similarities between buying a car and designing or choosing a home plan, Jaren wrote “Maybe you can tell a lot about a designer by looking at the vehicle he or she drives. “

He might be right. A designer that drives a hummer may not be too concerned with cost or energy efficency. But, you have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Just cause a guy drives a little Metro or something doesn't mean his only concern is saving costs. He might just enjoy the feel of a really small car. Or maybe he scored on some wheelbarrow wheels at a case lot sale and figured he's use them up by driving a tin can. Or, the guy driving the Metro drives the hummer at night. He just can't afford to drive it all the time cause gas and insurance dries up his cash flow. So really he has appreciation for the finer things, but energy efficiency is important too. (that's assuming you consider a Hummer as a finer thing, little too poser for me).

When I design homes, I try and create a home plan that offers architectural appeal, functionality and energy/cost efficiency. Its not always an easy task, but I think it is important to keep those basic design principles in mind so that the home will maintain value, and be an enjoyable home to live in for years to come.

I'll tell you what I drive and you can make your own determinations of the type of designer I am. First, I'm too nice and don't charge people what I should for design work, so I have an old car. But there is a reason. I drive a vintage Toyota Landcruiser. A well designed classic car. Not the cheapest old car to fix up, but not the most expensive either. It didn't cost me much to get into... but it holds its value (even increases)because of some preventative maintenance by its owner and good engineering and design done back in the 70's. Ya, I guess not everyone spent all their time at the disco back then.

Funny how well designed cars hold their value and are appeciated for years to come. Whatever happened to the pinto, or the edsel? Probably parked in the garage of that crazy home in the suburbs with no curb appeal and energy efficency as its only benefit. Complete with 7' ceilings, black siding, flat gravel roof and modular brick. But... get hooked up with "Extreme Make Over - Home Edition" (and a lot of sponsorship money to work with) and the old architectural disappointment is something to speak of. 

Maybe Discovery Channel's “Monster Garage” could make something of the Pinto or the Edsel?


(the above are merely opinions, not proven fact, and should not be taken seriously by anyone... especially the ford motors company)

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