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House Plans with a Bonus Room

Check out this set of House Plans. Sure, it has an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings , and other great features, but the thing that really sets NDG-983 apart from other house plans is the fact that it has a Bonus Room.

Almost every day, we deal with people who are looking for house plans with a bonus room. It seems like everyone wants a bonus room in their house plans. Most often, we talk to people who have found a set of house plans that they like, but they want to know if a bonus room can be added. But why are house plans with bonus rooms so popular?

Well, the most alluring thing about house plans with a bonus room is that they are very flexible. Are you building a home on a budget, yet looking to expand in the future? If so, you might want to look for house plans with a bonus room -- that way you can build the main portion of the house within the constraints of your budget, then finish the bonus room later on down the road when you have the time and resources to do so.

A bonus room can easily be converted into a home office, a workshop, or an extra bedroom -- if the bonus room is big enough, you can even convert it into a Mother-in-law apartment!

Since most house plans place the bonus room right over the garage, it becomes the perfect place for a play room. Your kids can go up to the bonus room and run/jump/play as loud as they want, and since they aren't directly above any living areas, the noise doesn't seem so bothersome.

Most people really want a bonus room with their house plans, but some people don't -- and that's okay! If you've found a set of house plans that you love, but it has a bonus room, don't worry about it! You can always get rid of the staircase and use the bonus room as storage. Problem solved!

Whether you want a set of house plans with a bonus room or without one, we at The Plan Collection can help. Our purpose is to help everyone find their dream home, one set of house plans at a time.

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