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House Plan Sets - Which one should you get?

We have a lot of customers ask us which house plan package they should buy. There are several plan packages offered and what is offered depends on the home designer or architect. There are a couple of things to consider when deciding on which set to get.

First, do you plan on making minor changes? If you think you'll make some minor changes like moving a door or changing a window. You might consider purchasing a vellum reproducible set of housplans. This allows you to redline any changes you may have on the plan, and then make as many copies as needed for a single construction.

Don't have any changes? I would recommend a 4,5, 8 or 12 plan set. The more plans you get the easier it will be to collect bids from various contractors or subcontractors. When you buy a one of these house plan sets you will receive the number you order and they cannot be copied or reproduced. So keep that in mind when deciding how many.

If you found a house plan that you really like but want to make some changes that may effect the structure... I would suggest a CAD file if it is offered. With a CAD file you can take the plans to a local professional and have them make chnages to the plan files themselves and then plot them as needed. CAD files are generally more expensive because they are the actual computer files that the designer or architect used to create the home design. But, if you plan on making significant chnages that is the way to go.

Keep in mind, if you find a plan you like but want to make changes... you'll need to buy the plan first so that you can get a copyright release from the designer. Otherwise, you may find yourself in some legal trouble as house plans are intellectual property and protected by copyright laws.

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