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Hello World

By way of introduction I am Justin Ball. That probably means little to anyone but my wife or my parents. My kids don't read yet so I suppose I don't score a lot of points there either. I am the guy that wrote the software for The Plan Collection. I still do a fix a few things here and there but mostly I just boss others around now. Much to their dismay I keep hanging around here - kind of like that car you have up on blocks in the front yard. It is ugly, you know you should get rid of it, but somewhere in the back of you head you keep telling yourself that you will do something with it someday.

I am also building a home. "Who cares?" you say. True you may not care, but you read this far so at least you are curious. I don't know a lot about home building. I leave that to the other guys. However, they are kind enough to be building me a new house and so I hope to be saying a lot about that in the coming months. Right now my house is a huge pile of dirt in what used to be a field just outside of Providence. The one in Utah not the one in Rhode Island. "Get to the point" you say? If you are like me you don't know a lot about building a home other than it takes a lot of money and a lot of wood and it requires you to learn an enumerable number of the shades of green. It also makes your wife mad when you say things like "are you sure we can afford that?" I digress. Hopefully, my experience will help others who have come to The Plan Collection as they begin to build their dream home. As I make every mistake there is to make I wish you the best in your endeavor. Whether you are building a home or dreaming of building a home hopefully you find some value in my rambling.

At any rate it is very late here and I have to sleep and I know my wife will want me to be there to nod my head as we “discuss” the new home. "We are painting the living room rocky mountain chartreuse?" Yes dear.


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