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Heating Your New Home

Heating costs are an expensive part of most of our lives, unfortunately. I remember my first winter in my own apartment. My utilities jumped up to $150.00 a month. That was a hard pill to swallow, especially since my rent was only $275.00 a month! Thank goodness I didnt have to spend another winter there. Like many of you, Ive since become very conscious of the energy Im spending just to keep warm. Most of you have a more efficient system than I did (electric base board heaters), but still cringe at the cost jumps that come along with heating.

There are solutions to this problem. My parents, for example, bought themselves a wood burning stove. More than anything, I think it has a nostalgic quality for them as they were both raised in cozy farmhouses of yesterdays agricultural norm. However, they do save a lot of money each winter when the sun drops to the south and the days are lamentably shorter. To be fair, I suppose I should explain the whole situation. My father is able to gather firewood from his fathers ranch about 70 miles to the northeast. That, above all, makes his stove a possibility. Still, he spends a fair amount of time and diesel to retrieve it. Understandably, a wood burning stove isnt a viable solution for most.

Fortunately, technology has stepped in to relieve our pain, and luckily, most of you are building a new home. Integrating a new and efficient HVAC system into your home is a great way to save on energy. GreenandSave.com is a website devoted to saving the world and your pocket book one household at a time. Their residential expertise is obvious as you read through their pages and learn how to green up your house and your wallet. Pay particular attention to their Return On Investment (ROI) calculator. Take a look at radiant floors and southern orientation. Youll also notice links to look at every major HVAC brand out there. This site will help you make a number of important decisions and is definitely worthy of your favorites tab.


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