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Country Living and Wrap-Around Porches


Country House Plans with Wrap-around Porches



What do you think when you hear the phrase, "Country Living"?


Do see images of quaint gardens surrounded by small picket fences? Maybe you imagine the family sitting down to eat an amazing home-cooked meal in an open kitchen. You might even think about sledding down a snowy hill or catching fireflies on a warm summer evening. Country Living is hard to describe exactly because it is determined more by your feelings and emotions than it is by an actual physical object. But be that as it may, there is one feature that is always identified with Country Living -- the Wrap Around Porch!


People really love Country Home Design. Perhaps it's because everyone is so busy nowadays. Everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere or go somewhere. There's always another soccer game or piano recital to chauffeur, and there's always another deadline or meeting to attend. You're just so busy! It feels good to be able to calm down at the end of the day and live life the way folks did in the Good Old Days, And what better way to unwind than sitting with your sweetheart on a porch swing? There's just something about a wrap around porch that calms and takes you back to yesteryear.


We at The Plan Collection know how important it is to feel comfortable in a home you love, and we're committed to helping you find your Dream Home. If you're looking for a country home with a wrap around porch, you should check out Plan #173-1015. It's one of our more popular plans, but it's definitely not your everyday cookie-cutter country home. It offers everything you and your family would expect from a home, and it does so with such a down-home style and appeal. You should definitely Check it Out!


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