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Every now and then we add a few home plans to our Country House Plans line that I just have to write about. This time it’s the CR-534 series, consisting of versions A and B. The larger of the two is version A at 3,354 square feet. Version B comes in at 2,698 square feet. The difference between the two is fairly minimal, but opens up some more possibilities with modifications.

This amazing design features a wrap around, covered porch and plenty of windows for great curb appeal. This also provides a connection with the outdoors, giving both sunlight and shade, and a transition from one environment to the next. Upon entrance, guests are greeted with a nice foyer flanked by a living room/office and a dining room. This formal barrier offers flexibility and a cozy spot for entertaining. Beyond, the floor plan opens up to a long and large gathering room, with the family room to the right, and the big kitchen on the left. This arrangement gives a wide array of options and is an extremely comfortable space for family. Version A enjoys a sunroom between the garage and kitchen. Version B is a bit smaller all around.

The upper floor is reserved for the bedrooms. This is a very private arrangement, and is much less expensive than spreading out your building. Both versions offer four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a separated bonus room above the garage. B maintains a compact upper floor space while still providing the master bedroom with a fairly spacious walk-in closet and bathroom. A is quite a bit bigger all around with larger bathrooms, closets, and a sitting room for the master suite. Either version is accommodating, and uses the space efficiently.

As an added bonus, CR-534 can be quite easy to modify. Modifications are a common request and can often be a bit expensive. CR-534 is set up for simple changes in a few simple ways:

  • First, the second floor maintains the basic square shape of the main structure. This is important because you can shrink the largest and widest part of the home to reduce sq. footage, or just to fit it on your lot. Both the family room and kitchen wings can come in without affecting the floor above.
  • Second, the formal rooms are often considered excessive space. Many people don’t use formal living or dining rooms. However, their presence means options. The living room is a great spot for an office, library, guest, or hobby room. The dining room could be converted just as easily.
  • Third, the sitting room in the master suite of version A is extra space that many people are willing to do without. However, another bathroom upstairs would be very useful. The walk-in closet could be moved to the sitting area, and a bathroom could fit in there easily, just as it does with version B.

These modifications are all quite simple and do not alter the entire structure of the home. They also happen to be some of the most common concerns our clients have. Versatility was obviously an important part of the design process for this set of house plans.

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