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Country House Plans: Everywhere and Anywhere

It’s not always easy to find a plan that will fit just about anywhere. Some house plans are built for a view, and hard to justify anywhere but on top of a hill. Others are far too spread out and would only do on a large building lot not common in urban areas. Still others are far too urban, with small garages, and narrow footprints. Style is another issue that limits home plans, meaning that if you love the plan, but it’s so very Victorian, and your neighborhood is quite Contemporary, then you’re forced to keep looking. I’ve said it before; versatility should not be an afterthought.

Our country house plans feature many plans that are right sized, with plenty of privacy, yet open to the outdoors where appropriate. These plans can go anywhere and can fit in any neighborhood. Homeplan DD-2663 is a shining example.

When versatility is an issue, the plan must be thoroughly flexible, inside and out. The outer qualities of DD-2663 lie within its size and style. At only 68 feet wide and 64 feet deep, the plan is not excessively spread out, allowing you to build it where you want it. It is also a blend of three different and common styles: country, craftsman, and contemporary. At first glance, this plan is definitely country, with a covered front porch, stone accents, and large windows. However, the low pitched roof and wide tapered columns show strong craftsman influences. To blend it all together, the façade is generally uncomplicated, with clean lines, and simple décor; all contemporary keynotes. The combination of size and style are like a ticket to belong in any town, and to look good doing it.

The interior is hardly second to the nice curb appeal. The foyer is large enough to provide a real entrance. A formal parlor offers a good spot for quick visits and a chance to hide a possibly messy house. The stairs to the left are slightly dramatic and give a grand feel to the space. Beyond is the great room defined by columns and half-walls, closed in enough to feel like a room, but open enough to feel engaged with the nearby kitchen and dining room. The large country kitchen has an eating nook and plenty of workspace and storage. The dining room is tucked away for a sense of friendly formality. The master suite and bedrooms are all appropriate for their uses and quite accommodating. To top it all off is a bonus sitting area upstairs. Great for games of any kind and all movies, this useful space is perfect for escaping a party, or entertaining a few friends.

Country house plans in general are great for family and friends. DD-2663 is no exception. With good size, great style, and effective space planning, you’ll never grow tired of this dream home. Let us know what you think! Discuss or rate this plan and any others by following the comment link below.

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