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Cool New Technologies for Home Design

New home design technology trends in the last couple of years have been focused on energy efficiency and mobile control for homes. Some of the highlights of these new technologies featured on the CNBC Slide how entitled, “Hottest New Home Technology" which were previewed at a recent Home Builder’s Show include:

A laser robot vacuum – cleans your house efficiently. The Neato Robotics adds a laser that maps your house; then knows what has already been cleaned and what still needs to be done. After it is finished it heads back to its own home base.

Kohler eco-friendly Numi toilet for today's modern bathrooms. It offers a motion-activated seat and lid, an air dryer, a multi-option bidet wand, a deodorizing charcoal filter, a foot warmer plus illuminated panels. but that is not all! The music feature is built-in speakers that play your favs via the remote docking station. Can you afford $4,990?

Get an ethanol fireplace –Today’s fireplaces are freestanding and mobile – put it in the center of a room or on a patio.  Want a warm bedroom at night?  Just slide it there overnight. These fireplaces are environmentally friendly and use small tanks of ethanol or other biofuels.

A thermal imaging gun – so you can see what is lurking behind the Walls and floors. Professionals have been looking through walls for years to detect water or energy leaks.  Now you can too!  Thermal-imaging guns are now being mass marketed.

And now there are sun tunnels –The Velux Sun Tunnel is a flexible tube that navigates rocky paths out to the light and deliver a small, round portal of light into any room in your home.

Screw in wireless speakers – Small circular lights inset in the ceiling add elegance to any room and let’s face it, ceiling speakers are awesome, but now, there is The Klipsch LightSpeaker system - wireless speakers that can be installed anywhere just like a light bulb. Screw them in and you are done!

Heat up the driveway to melt snow away – Radiant heat floors, a heated mat under your home’s tile or hardwood flooring, has been keeping many modern homeowners’ feet warmer for several years But now there is also radiant heat for your driveway, sidewalk or driveway.  No more shoveling.

Really smart grid appliancesThe entire house is getting interconnected, master-controlled and wireless — and now, not even your washing machine is safe!  LG and other companies are increasingly offering “smart grid appliances” that you can control from your tablet, smartphone or computer, remotely.

Get the Best View with Virtual Views  – Now The Sky Factory lets you choose the view you want — anywhere. It is a digital window with an HD-LDC monitor embedded in a custom-designed ceiling or window frame.

Relax with zoned entertainment– Now your television and music travels wherever you go in your home. This luxury is now accessible to the masses. Check with your local cable carrier (e.g. Time Warner) to learn more.

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