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Consider Your Options when Choosing Exteriors

Consider your options when choosing exteriors.


Virtually every homeowner asks this question.  “So, how much would it cost to do the home out of brick vs. siding or stucco?”  Well, in Utah this is roughly the breakdown per square foot:


$13      Rock

$8        Brick

$5.5     Stucco 

$1.5     Vinyl Siding


After I tell the people the price difference, they usually ask which one I would recommend.  I tell them it depends on the house plan they choose.  Some homes look good with a mixture of brick and siding.  That is a good combination if you are trying to save money.  Some house plans simply wouldn’t look good with siding.  Most homes look great with all-brick, but considering costs is part of the equation.  In Utah we also live in earthquake zones.  Therefore, the insurance companies don’t cover the brick on your home; unless you take out a special rider.   Stucco is a good product, but certainly has had some problems.  If done properly, stucco is a good alternative if you like the look.  Be aware that very few stucco companies follow all of the stucco guidelines.  If you choose stucco, it is important to ask your contractor about warranties etc.  Make sure to get a written warranty from the installer and stucco manufacturer.

            In the 200 homes I have built, I have had the least problems with vinyl siding.  However, there was one home that had a raccoon that ate some of the siding. I doubt that is a common occurrence.   

As you are looking for a great house plan try and imagine what the home would look like with different exteriors.  You think people look different depending on the clothes they wear; houses are even more dramatic. 



Have Fun Imagining what your home will look like

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