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Built-in Storage Tips for Your New House Plan

A common challenge for new homeowners, planning built-in storage space and design in your new house plan is crucial. Ample storage is necessary for any family, but it is essential to pay attention to where you plan to place your storage spaces. Does the master bedroom really need an oversized walk-in closet when the space could potentially be added to the master bathroom? Storage is a common problem for most homeowners, but with effective and clever built-ins, organization is easy. A variety of built-ins can be custom-made for your new home’s building space, and the good news is that they maximize every square inch of your home. Custom storage cabinets, drawers, cubby holes and closets will come in handy and will also add resale value to your home.



Because built-ins are custom-made for each space, they maximize every square inch of your home. They can turn empty, unused space into hardworking home offices, drawers, shelves, or even entertainment centers. Essentially, built-in storage units can add hundreds of square feet to your home without the need for renovations.



Climates also make a difference when it comes to storage spaces. For instance, if you live in a cooler climate where coats are worn a closet located your new home plan’s front entrance is important, as would be a mudroom. In warmer climates, if you have no use for a coat closet or a mudroom, then don’t build these into the home. You can always add cubbies to rear entrance storage areas for garden shoes.


Here are a few custom storage ideas for your house plan from The Plan Collection:




Booths as a table are great because they’re efficient, creating seating in tight spots, plus the bench takes up very little visual space. A family computer can be placed in the built-in located in any extra small kitchen space. Build in plenty of drawers for office supplies and a couple of cabinets.


Conceal trash cans under the sink in your kitchen. A cutout in the marble countertop helps guests locate the garbage making cleanups easy.



Bedroom Storage

A platform bed can be built-in, complete with nightstands and under the bed drawers, helping to save room compared to standard standing night tables. In the closet, why not add a little bar to place a coffee maker or an espresso machine for days when you want breakfast-in-bed.


For the kids’ rooms, you can create wonderful bookshelves by making use of high ceilings and installing built-ins on one of the unused walls which eliminates any awkward storage furniture.




When it comes to the closets – placement is key. There should be a closet in each bedroom and another one in a main hallway. Just be careful that storage space does not take away from your family’s living space. Modular, built-in shelving, ample working surfaces and cabinets will go a long way to keeping everything organized. A floor-to-ceiling custom built in-shoe shelf hides neatly behind double doors in your bedroom closet. Remember that white shelves reflect light into the darker cubby holes, making all the shoes easier to see.


Well-planned shelving gives both closets and dressing rooms the valuable storage space needed for clothing storage. Look for ready-made shelving that makes your new closet modern with a pullout shoe rack and plenty of drawers and shelves. Well-thought-out shelving can give your home valuable storage for sweaters, shoes, and accessories like handbags, belts or scarves.


What’s more, by simply installing shelves into any unused closet, you can create a mini home office by using folding doors to help conceal the workstation.  



Mudrooms and Laundry Areas

By adding a countertop and some storage cabinets, the small back door space becomes a fully-functioning laundry room.


A mud room can accommodate wet or dirty clothing the homeowners remove as they enter their house when well organized, a mud room can also be a dual purpose laundry room by adding in deep built-in drawers for supplies and a countertop for folding laundry. The machines can be side by side or stacked.


For example, this exclusive, modern Florida-style house (plan #107-1015) offers well-defined use of space whereby there is a central living room and family room with a wet bar; perfect for hosting large parties. Note the built-in cubby spaces for displaying family art, photos and memorabilia.



Your home builder can make an already attractive new home plan from The Plan Collection personalized with affordable built-in storage solutions that can be customized for specific family needs and lifestyles.  If customers have minor changes such as adding doors or windows, or moving an interior wall, your engineer, builder or even a local draftsperson can easily customize your house plan. 



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