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Build a Home with Architectural Appeal

I have designed a lot of homes over the years and I find it interesting what is important to people. Sometimes people are set on a huge master suite and bath, but don't give as much importance to other rooms in the house that may be used more. They forget that they generally entertain in their great room, not their bathroom (of course I'm making assumptions here). Others don't give enough consideration to their master suite or other rooms but have a monsterous garage. And then there are those more concerned with looking successful than just having a nice home.


I recently designed a home for some people that was over 8,000 Sq. Ft. It was huge, with no architectural appeal. Just a big box with a grand entry. Maybe its just the appreciation I have for architecture, but I think its ridiculous. If you have the money to build a huge home, scale back a little bit and make it look nice and have some architectural character. Have you ever noticed how buildings built in the early 1900's or even much older have a lot of architectural appeal? It's long lasting architecture. And when its worn down to just about nothing, its such a treasure to the community that the building is restored. At the same time, buildings built in other eras with little architectural style are torn down without a second thought. Architecture is a part of american tradition. When I think of a traditional american town, I'm reminded of the welcoming feel you get from beautiful buildings lining main street or quaint residential areas with fat porches on craftsman bungalows. Architecture is a part of us, it makes us feel at home.


Lets consider the major investment we make when building a home, and choose a home plan that is not only functional and innovative, but architecturally pleasing. We're building the neighborhoods of America, lets do it right.

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