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Arts and Crafts Home Plans

Arts and Crafts House Plans

Arts and crafts style homes are sometimes referred to as craftsman homes. Some of the features that identify these homes are: · Exposed rafters, beams or rafter ends in the eaves. · Corbels or triangular shaped trim pieces in the gables. · Dormers. Generally shed dormers were the most common however these plans were also designed with gable and hipped dormers. · Foundations that slope outward as they get closer to the ground. These foundations were often constructed of rock. · Generally the exteriors were a wood siding or stone with masonry chimneys. · Large porches along the front of the home. · Bungalow style homes were often of Arts and Crafts styling. · Interior trim work is generally simple, square or slightly tapered moldings and wider base and casing.

This style of home was most popular on the smaller affordable bungalows. In recent years many people are returning to this classic architecture as more the size of the home becomes less important than the quality and architectural styling.

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Craftsman House Plans


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